Jesús Ramirez has been a Christmas Wish Editor for the past 5 years. In this tutorial from his Photoshop Training Channel, Jesus shares 3 High-Level Photoshop Tricks for Magical Composites.

Jesús Ramirez is one of the skilled Photoshop masters who collaborate yearly with the Christmas Wish Project to create magical portraits for sick children. Along with other Photoshop experts, Jesús receives the portraits captured by the Christmas Wish team of photographers, which he transforms into enchanting Christmas-themed artworks.

The project aims to bring some Christmas cheer to families facing childhood health challenges, providing them with professional photographs of their children that they can cherish forever. For some families, this may be the first time they have access to professional photography of their child, while for others, it may be their last.

In 2022, Jesús worked with Grace, a young girl who suffers from an autoimmune disease. Having gone through a significant health challenge in 2021, Jesús felt a strong connection to the project. Grace and her mother, Nicole, met Santa in the studio for the photoshoot, where Grace shared her Christmas wish for a puppy. In 2021, Grace was too sick to participate in the photoshoot, but this year she was able to meet Santa, creating a truly magical experience for her and her family.

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