What is focus stacking and why is it an essential tool for compositors?

Focus Stacking gives you the ability to get everything in focus from front to back. When photographing miniatures, your depth of field will be shallow. If you want to put these objects into life-size scenes, the drop of on focus will destroy the believability of your composite, as a live scene will have more depth of field.

Additionally when you want to use a narrow aperture, but it’s a dark scenario, and you don’t have a tripod, you will be limited with a high ISO to compensate. If you want to lower your ISO you need to widen your aperture. This method will enable you to shoot on the widest aperture, in a dark space and then join all the shots with the press of a button. You won’t even need a tripod (although a tripod will enhance the results and sharpness).

In this video I give you the tools to focus stack with ease either free hand with your camera, or with the Tether Tools Case Air device.

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