These gorgeous mushroom scenes have been shot on a Macro lens (Nikon 105mm) and focus stacked (15 images stacked into one) to create enough depth of field to composite into.


Usually when you photograph something of miniature proportions, the focus is so shallow that it’s impossible to composite a full sized person in replicating that same shallow depth of field, where they are in focus, the foreground and background of where they sit drops off too quickly.

The purpose of these mushrooms scenes is to provide enough space (depth of field) to allow for realistic compositing, while still capturing the beautiful soft bokeh background and foregrounds.

If you would like to learn more about focus stacking visit: Focus Stacking Free Hand

These beautiful mushroom scenes are available to you royalty free.

Image Restrictions:

  • No more than 1000 print reproductions without further licencing (you can create an image for a client from this stock, or for reproduction but the quantity limit is 1000 on this licence). Contact me if you’d like a higher reproduction limit.
  • No resale of the images as stock, either as original or utalised within a composite. (ie you cannot create a composite from these background plates and then resell as backgrounds or stock on an etsy store or similar).
  • You may use for client work without any restrictions apart from the 1000 print reproduction limitation.

Any questions please email:



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