Get into the mind of Kris Anderson as he delves into all that went into his creation ‘The Muse’ which scored Highest Scoring Print in the Illustrative Category at the 2018 AIPP Awards and is part of the World Photographic Cup.

Kris joins Karen Alsop to talk about his creation and go through what went into it’s creation.

Part 1 is available to all to watch.

Part 2 is a special feature with more in depth tips from Kris for Story Art Education Members only (you must be logged in with premium membership to view)

Part 1 – Secrets of The Muse

In part 2 Kris covers the following topics and demonstrates:

1. Getting Lighting right in Camera (including different coloured lights)
2. Overshoot – Getting the shot (and expression) you need
3. Volumetric Window Lighting (how to demonstrated in Photoshop)
4. Never Flatten
5. Use Real Life to teach you how things should look
6. Using real actors as subjects

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