Powerful Images that Grab Worldwide Attention

In a world filled with imagery, how do we get viewers to stop in their tracks? How do we create a viral visual project that garner’s worldwide attention?

Founder of The Heart Project and Story Art, Karen Alsop’s photographic art has been shared worldwide by such publications as Huffington Post, CNN, The Today Show, Buzzfeed, Daily Mail and Vanity Fair.

Karen will take you through the practical planning stages of creating an impacting viral project.

This keynote was recorded live at the 2017 Adobe Make It APAC Sydney Event

Watch more of the talks here: https://makeitapac.adobe.com/

Karen Alsop

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  • Great information. Love what you do.
    One suggestion…it was very difficult staying focused as you were in shadow much of the time and we could not see your face. Some connection was lost. Go to the light~ :o)