Join this Photoshop compositing masterclass for a comprehensive journey from concept to production. You’ll acquire the essential knowledge and skills to blend multiple elements seamlessly, resulting in a cohesive photographic artwork. These techniques will enable you to create compelling composites that will amaze your audience. Whether you’re an aspiring photographer or an experienced digital artist, this class will provide you with the necessary tools to bring your creative vision to life.

The Story Art Masterclass was previously an eight-week course that covered topics such as Photoshop, compositing, and photography from planning to output and printing. However, the Masterclass is now being revamped to allow for a more interactive and ongoing training experience. Participants will have the flexibility to go through the eight modules at their own pace and work with mentors, including the speaker, to enhance their skill set.

The most exciting change in the masterclass is the inclusion of renowned Photoshop artists who will conduct live webinars and presentations. Some of these artists have been part of Christmas wish, a program that edits images for children in hospitals during the Christmas season. We are partnering with an organization called “So Many Angels,” run by Matt Meiers in America, that creates works for children with cancer. The aim is to train participants to edit for So Many Angels and create Hollywood-style movie posters for the children.

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Join the Masterclass

Join the Masterclass

8 weeks of intensive, interactive training in an online small group environment