The Dust Particles overlay pack will give you the ability to add atmosphere to your composites

To use, place in your composite. Change the blending mode to ‘Screen’. This will drop out the black and leave only the smoke behind. Use layer masks and adjustment layers (clipped) to customise the look of your atmosphere.

$10.00 – Pay Now Excluding 10% tax

This pack also forms part of the Atmosphere Super Pack

For further instructions on adding atmosphere watch the tutorial:

Adding Atmosphere – Smoke, Dust and Mist

This download will integrate into Artymatewww.

This download works with Artymate’s new ‘Add Overlay’ feature. You can also animate the overlays including adding flashing and glowing animations.

Use Screen, Colour Dodge, or Linear Burn for best effect.

$10.00 – Pay Now Excluding 10% tax

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