The Light Overlay Mega Pack will transform your images in an instant! 150 High Resolution Light Rays, Beams and Effects to choose from!

To use, place in your composite. Change the blending mode to ‘Screen’ (subtle) or ‘Colour Dodge’ (brighter and more colourful). This will drop out the black and leave only the light behind. Use layer masks and adjustment layers (clipped) to customise the look of your light.

This download will integrate into Artymatewww.

This download works with Artymate’s new ‘Add Overlay’ feature. You can also animate the light including adding flashing and glowing animations. Use Screen, Colour Dodge, or Linear Burn for best effect.


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Download the free sample pack – Share to access the download link

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You may also be interested in the Light Brush Set:

Light Brush Collection


To Add the Light Overlay to your image follow these instructions:

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