Do you want to enter photography competitions but are fearful? I want to help you dispel those fears and address the common concerns and questions when it comes to entering print competitions like the AIPP, WPPI, NZIPP and SWPP

Please note due to a delay with some of the emails you may have only just seen this. The replay is now available and if you have any specific questions after watching please post in comments.

This is an interactive session. We were joined by award winning photographer Belinda Richards who recently was named NZIPP International Photographer of the Year and VIC AIPP Pet/Animal Photographer of the Year after earlier in the year winning WPPI Portrait Creative Photographer of the Year and in 2018 AIPP Emerging Photographer of the Year, along with other awards that she shares about.

The following was discussed:

  • How to prepare yourself to enter for the first time
  • How to decide WHAT to enter
  • How to get feedback on your images before entering
  • What to expect when they are judged
  • How to ensure you come away from the experience positively, even if you didn’t get the results you hoped for
  • The benefits of entering
  • How to navigate the rules and requirements
  • How to market your success following the awards

Mentioned was a media release – view an example of our Christmas Wish media release here

View the example of a Media Centre that I talked about here

Watch previous AIPP Awards judging here

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