I’m often asked about my process and why I prefer to shoot and extract from Green Screen. This video shows you how to set up a well lit green screen and the simple method of extraction. I also compare extracting from green and extracting from grey.

If you’d like the quick and easy method of using an action to extract from green, be sure to check out my Green Screen Action: https://storyart.education/downloads/green_screen/

This action works like magic on Green Screen photos

Load your green screen image into Photoshop, choose Mid Greens or Dark Greens (depending on your green background) and press play. The Action magically removes the green and gives you an overall mask to remove any other elements you like. You can bring back green areas too (is your subject wearing green?) by opening the layer folder and painting back on your ‘repair layer’ mask.

A one click action with repair masks for tricky extractions

Green Screen Removal Action

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