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Learn how to create amazing cinematic and gaming style composite photographs with award winning world class compositor and International educator: Karen Alsop.

Karen will walk you thought every stage of the process from how to shoot with a green screen to the final image and every step in between.

This ‘edit along at home’ workshop was recorded live during her £949 2016 UK 2 Day workshop at Amersham Studios + contains stock images, custom plates, brushes, etc. to allow you to create 2 of your own images worth an additional £299!



Karen created 3 images during this workshop of which 2 have subsequently won international awards and you can edit along with 2 of these to create your very own images.

Wow, what a weekend! Thank you so much Karen – for sharing the secrets of your craft, and for leading us through a powerful two day workshop at the amazing Amersham Studios. I am enthralled and inspired to continue with what you have taught us – be it for a hobby or for promotion – I believe you have instilled us with the knowledge to further our own skills in the story art arena. – 10/10 – Tracey.

I’ve learnt so much this weekend you’ve blown my mind. The individual steps seem so simple, but oh my, how powerful they become once combined. I cannot wait to go practice my new found skills – 20/10! – Heulwyn.



This workshop is ideal if you want to learn or explore the art of creating realistic cinematic composites and improve your Photoshop skills.

You’ll need a working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop including an understanding of layers.
You can download a FREE trail version of Photoshop here.



It’s like you’ll be in the room on this edit along 2 days which cost £949 to attend, you can work along at your own pace and you’ll be able to get a real insight on everything from marketing, shooting green screen to producing 2 final images.



  • Karen shares her story, experiences and secrets in getting established, how to add value in your marketing, educate and manage your clients expectations and how to promote your business.
  • Learn how to find inspiration, how images are built, an overview of the editing process, plus how to plan and construct the perfect background.
  • Learn how to create amazing and convincing background plates by mastering perspective, adding magic with stock elements, utilizing the power of smart objects and the clever use of color.
  • Leave your fear of shooting on a Green Screen behind. Learn how to avoid a green cast on your subject, the how to freeze motion, the importance of depth of field, how to get meaningful test shots and how to do a test cut out which will save you valuable time.
  • The entire process of editing the final images and insight into all of her trade secrets.


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