Your compositing workflow just got 100 times quicker!

I’ve developed a specific action set for compositors that will enable you to create shadows, add shading and rim light, converting colour toning to match, and adding Light Spill, all at the click of a button!

Excluding 0% tax

Watch the tutorials to see how easy these Photoshop  action sets are!

Version 1.3 is now available with the Quick Shadow and Grounding Shadow action added. This update also provide you an action to turn a PNG into a masked layer.

Works in Photoshop CS4 – CC and Elements

Shadow Magic Photoshop Action Tutorial


Rim Lighting and Shading Photoshop Action Tutorial


Colour Toning Photoshop Action Tutorial


Light Spill Magic Photoshop Action Tutorial

Quick Shadow Photoshop Action Tutorial


Premium Members can download the free sample action pack below:

Access this content for free along with the rest of the premium library by signing up for your trial here:

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