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The Final Entries to be judged soon…

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Introducing our Guest Judge… Shroom Master – Estelle Trueman

Artist Bio:

I come from the beautiful South West coast of the UK in North Devon, surrounded by amazing beaches and ragged coastlines. I live with my forever Partner, Dave and our two gorgeous kids, Ethan 16 and Alice 12, the dogs, Trafford and Dilly and our cat, Wookie. I am an Office Manager working for a Classic Car restoration firm. I love quality time with my Family, walking the dogs, macro photography, spending time in the garden and compositing.

I stumbled across a digital art speed art video about five years ago and it started from there. I purchased Photoshop and started to teach myself. I have created many images, some including my kids, their mates, Nieces and Nephew etc. and recently completed a few commissions, but I always come back to my Shroom Houses, the majority of which are ornaments that I have purchased and photographed and look pretty boring without their doors, windows and scenery! There was only ever going to be 3, however 23 houses later and I still want to do more! It’s getting harder to find new Shroom pun titles now though and how I do love a pun!

Watch a layer build of one of Estelle’s amazing images:

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