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Who loves travel?

We have a massive first prize up for grabs with thanks to the generosity of Luke Ballard from F8 Stuff who will also be co judging this competition!

Luke has generously provided an amazing camera bag to the first place winner! This incredible bag is valued at $297!

The F8 “Wanderer” Camera Bag

Find out more about this awesome prize here

Runners up will receive:

Runners Up: $50 voucher to the Digital Store or Artymate (your choice)

Bonus for all winners: If the winner is a premium Story Art member they will gain a bonus 3 month membership to gift to a friend of their choice.



  • 1 Entry per person
  • The main subject must be your own photograph, other supporting elements may be stock
  • Entries close May 31st, 2018

Travel Theme Competition

Enter the April/May Travel Competition
    Premium Story Art Education Members get additional prizes.
  • Title your work
  • Please detail the information about your own images and stock used.
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    Max 20mb


Receive incredible feedback from judges that will help you improve your work and grow your craft!

Introducing our esteemed judge and award winning travel photographer, Steve Scalone!

Steve embarked on a professional career in a series of photographic commercial labs. He witnessed the beginnings of the digital camera revolution and embraced the change, becoming an Adobe Certified Expert.

In the years since, Steve pursued the photographic form in both his artistic and commercial practices. He built and steered his own professional studio and discovered inspiration in passing on his skills to others. Along the way he’s acquired numerous awards. Most recently, the AIPP Australian Travel Photographer of the Year for 2015 and 2016 and the current AIPP Australian Photo book of the year award. 

His talent on the ground for inspiring his fellow photographers and nurturing his peers through education have led to him being honoured with the title of an ILFORD Master.

Today Steve continues to expand his commercial portfolio whilst also developing his artistic profile. This has resulted in a number of art exhibitions to date and the initial production of his first book. 

Visit Steve’s Website:

Visit Steve’s Facebook Page:

Check out some of Steve Scalone’s incredible award winning images

Watch the Live Judging (replay) from our last competition with Kelly McDonald here:

Our co-judge for this theme is travel photographer, Luke Ballard who is also supplying our amazing first prize.

Luke Ballard

For almost 25 years, Luke Ballard has been travelling the world and capturing images as he does so. Luke’s career started in the 1990’s when he was working for and alongside a noted wedding photographer. Luke’s passion behind the camera soon translated into university study in media, production and journalism and eventually entering the workforce.

Luke’s career has been varied and not always in front of the camera. He has worked in print journalism, radio, television production and the travel industry, including time at Nickelodeon Television and The Walt Disney Company.

Since 2008, Luke has been a sought after speaker and teacher on all things photography, and has travelled the world conducting seminars and running photography tours around the world.

He has developed his own 22 module curriculum on photography which teaches photography simply and easily and more than 15,000 people have now taken classes with Luke – or with his curriculum.

Past tours include:

* India and the Holi Festival

* Nepal – Nepalese New Year

* The Kingdom of Bhutan

In 2011/2012, Luke spent 5 months travelling and photographing South America in preparation for two projects – a book, which is currently in the works, and also a photography tour, which is currently available.  In 2014, Luke travelled for 12 months around the United States in a motorhome, visiting 49 states and teaching photography in more than 40 cities. A book is currently in the works for this project also. Luke has been a guest speaker on the B&H Event Space stage many times, and also spoken at conferences and conventions on photography, travel and composition.

When not on the road, Luke works on the other aspect of his business, F8 Stuff. ( Since 2016, Luke has been designing his own range of camera accessories including a camera bag, shoulder strap and other tools to make photography better.

Luke is available for photographic tuition, portrait and event photography and also private tours.


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