In the video ‘Just say Yes’ I mentioned that I missed an AIPP breakfast because I was too busy, and I regretted it. So nothing would stop me attending today’s breakfast get together. It’s obvious to me that the other photographers and business owners that gather around the table at Earthly Pleasures, Belgrave, also understand the importance of networking in business.

Just Say Yes - Karen Alsop

I asked each one of them their opinion on why Networking, and events such as these breakfast meet ups, are so important. Why being part of an organisation is so important. 

Perhaps you have not yet found a group in your area to meet with? Perhaps you have felt you don’t have the time. I encourage you, getting out there, networking with your peers, with other business owners, will change your business for the better.

Thank you to all who participated in this video! I appreciate that it’s not always easy being on the other side of the lens! You all did brilliantly.

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