The results of the April Door Challenge for Story Art Education are in!

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Huge thanks to Benjamin Von Wong who provided some wonderful feedback to all our entrants and chose the winner and runner up.

1st Place goes to Callie Crawley!

Callie has won a $50 Story Art Digital Store Voucher to spend on anything of her choice

Second Place goes to KazzGee Photography!

Karon Gleadhill has won a $10 voucher to the Story Art Education Digital Store

Big Congrats to all the entrants! 

Stay tuned for a huge HEART PROJECT release next week – Von Wong and Story Art create an epic adventure series for an incredible mother and son

Karen Alsop

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  • Benjamin Von Wong seemed to see the positives and the not so positive aspects of each entry instantly. When he would make a statement I would think – Why didn’t I see that? He stayed positive while critiquing which I’m sure everyone appreciated. Thank you for the opportunity to hear both positive and negatives of each one. It was very much a learning experience.

  • Thank you from KazzGee Photography. Im very happy and greatful for the chance to enter through Story Art and awed by the judging. Critue was wonderful as it always helps to push further. The images were all amazing. Congrats to the winner, Callie and big thankyou to Von Wong. Id love to be at shoot with both Karen and Von Wong one day the experience would be so valuable and inspiring! Crossing fingers I get the chance…..

  • Congrats to the winning artists! I sure enjoyed all the fantastical images. Benjamin was a thoughtful and sincere judge who’s insightful critiques of each image are spot on. I really appreciate his suggestions that could ultimately help give us a more keen awareness and vision when creating future images. Thanks to him for taking so much time with each image.

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