Cute, fluffy, adorable! This month’s theme is all about animals and pets!

Watch the result video now! A 1 hour video full of fantastic feedback from guest judge, Photoshop expert Jesús Ramirez from The Photoshop Training Channel

Jesús Ramirez and I were both speaking at the recent Adobe Make It event in Sydney, so took the opportunity to give you a tour of the event before sharing CC on each of the entries in this challenge.

What an amazing collection of animal entries! Huge thanks to Jesús for his time and expertise! You will learn so much from watching this.

Congratulations to the winners! Grand prize winner of first place goes to talented Tracy Willis from the UK, who’s pet composites are simply world class. Tracy wins an Adobe Creative Cloud CC membership with thanks to Adobe Australia along with a $50 coupon to the Story Art Digital Store.

More of Tracy’s work can be seen here:

Runner up was awarded to Terri Kallio for her intriguing cat in the mirror composite.

Special mention prize, awarded with a generous Photoshop Training Channel training course goes to Tracey Perrin for her wonderful bunny composite.

If you’d like to learn more about compositing anthropomorphic imagery, watch this video for more tips on photographing and compositing Pets and Animals

Anthropomorphic Human Like Animals

The winning entries:

Tracy Willis won a $50 coupon to spend at the DIGITAL STORE


Results are also shared in the Story Art Facebook Group



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