Do you want to create realistic water scenes? Watch this tutorial on how to use the new brush set.

Feature image courtesy of Story Art Education Member, Doni Brinkman. Visit her facebook page to give her some love!

Watch the video below


Purchase the set of Water Brushes for Photoshop

$20.00 – Pay Now Excluding 10% tax

This set of 20 Water Brushes exclusive to Story Art Education include:

Bubbles Splatter, Splash 1,Big Splash, Deep Splash, Wet Surface, Thick Foam Paint, Foam Ball, Bath Foam, Foam Footprint, Water Splatter,Water Splotter, Splash Walk, Splash Throw, Trickle, Foamy Layer, Splatter, Pouring Water, Bubbles and Mist, and Bubble Trail.

Many of the brushes you can build up like Thick Foam Paint to create a large area of white foam. Others are stamp brushes that enable you to stamp on realistic water to your scene.

Check out some amazing imagery by Story Art Education Member Doni Brinkman who used the brushes for these beautiful images

Doni Brinkman is a U.S. based portrait photographer residing in Phoenix, Arizona.  She started her business, Live Loved Photography,  in 2009.  In addition to photography, she also spends her time homeschooling her four children.  Digital story art is a new venture for her and she is enjoying creating stories that canonize the precious memories of her children’s childhood.



Want to create art like Doni’s? Purchase the set of Water Brushes here:

$20.00 – Pay Now Excluding 10% tax

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