What is Adobe Lightroom CC? How does it differ from Lightroom Classic. What are it’s features, and how can you as a composite or stock photographer harness it’s power.

This video takes you through my workflow with Lightroom CC and the features that make it invaluable to me as a Composite photographer collecting my own stock.

I also tackle the subjects:

  • Compressing File Size by converting to DNG format
  • Searching in Lightroom CC
  • Sharing Files for download
  • Using Lightroom CC on multiple computers
  • Using Lightroom CC on mobile devices
  • Smart Searching with Adobe Sensei
  • Creating albums from smart searches
  • Sharing albums
  • And more!


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Visit the Lightroom CC Gallery here and download for your own use

Learn more about Lightroom CC

Using Lightroom Mobile to Collect Stock

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