This training series is created for volunteers around the world undertaking their own Christmas Wish project in their local hospital or hospice.

To find out more about The Heart Project and Christmas Wish please visit:

The Video Training series is made up of 7 videos that go through each step, from set up, to photo shoot to editing.

We use:

  • Nikon Z7 for filming and D850 for tethering
  • Wacom Mobile Studio Pro
  • EIZO monitor
  • Tether Tools
  • Capture One Pro
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Smugmug Gallery
  • Lightroom CC
  • Elinchrom Strobes and Xlight Modifiers


Although this is created for Christmas Wish specifically, I’m sure that you will find this series generally very helpful for similar Green Screen shoots and edits.

Part 1 – The Set Up

Part 2 – The Test Shoot

Part 3 – The Shoot Process

Part 4 – Photographing Babies

Part 5 – Stand in Santa

Part 6 – Placing into the Scene

The Editing Process

Green Screen Extraction – Step by Step Instructions

1. Light correctly. Space between subject and green screen (2 – 3 mtrs), rim light the subject to separate, have a neutral colour underneath the subject.

Light Green Screen

2. Crop in Lightroom and open as a Smart Object in Photoshop

Open as Smart Object

3. Use the Colour Range option

Colour Range

4. Make sure ‘invert’ is selected to select out the green

Invert Selection

5. Adjust fuzziness (usually between 40 – 60) and make sure you are not losing any of your subject via the selection.

Fuzziness Slider

6. Select all the green and ensure the person is solid (no faint grey areas) using the white matte view option. Hit Ok.


7. Make sure you are on a selection tool like the square marquee

Square Marquee

8. Click on Refine Edge (top right section of menu)

Refine Edge

9. Adjust sliders and use the Edge Detection brush for the hair

Refine Edge tool

Refine Edge Brush

10. Output – Layer Mask (onto smart object)

Finalise as a Layer Mask

11. Use the quick selection tool to select the rest of the background to remove

Quick Selection

Selection on legs

12. Paint out on the mask

Paint layer mask

13. Use overlay mode to view cut out – \


14. Refine the edges of your mask using the brush. To paint a straight line hold down shift and click from point to point.

Refine your mask

15. Drag the smart object with the layer mask across to your background file

Drag to working file


16. Remove the subtle green outline

Green Outline

17. Turn on the red overlay to ensure you remove the fine edges

Green Screen Overlay

18. Add a Hue Adjustment Layer

Hue Adjustment

19. Clip to your subject

Clip adjustment layer

20. Select the Greens

Select Greens

21. Move the sliders to include all the green hues

Move sliders

22. Pull up the saturation so that you can check the colours selected

Saturation up

23. Change the hue to a warm red/brown and then bring down the saturation so that the green spill disappears

Change Hue

24. Save as a Hue/Saturation Preset so you can apply it for next time with the same settings

Save as preset


Excerpt from the Basics Video Series

Basics Series – Green Screen Extraction

Thank you to our Christmas Wish Sponsors – without you this would not be possible







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