2 Years ago I created a Christmas image of my son, Asher, entitled ‘Letter to Santa’. It was well received on 500px, and has always been a favourite, especially at Christmas time.

Letter to Santa by Karen Alsop on 500px.com

Karen Alsop 500px

I have now updated this composite and created some custom Winter Wonderland Photoshop Brushes that will also turn your images into a magical Christmas scene.

Winter Wonderland Brush Set

Members get a discount (based on your membership level from 25 – 100% off) on this brush set. Or you can purchase as a non member for $10

Winter Wonderland Brush Examples

I’d love to see your winter wonderland images! Please come back and comment and share a link to your creations.

$10.00 – Pay Now Excluding 10% tax


Don’t forget to join the Story Art Education facebook group¬†(and share there too!).


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