Have you wanted to make your photos look like paintings? Perhaps you’ve tried a few plugins or actions, but the result has not been impressive.

This tutorial is packed with value. Not only do you get 30 minutes of step by step instruction, you also get:

  • A hand-painted texture pack (I painted these with oil on canvas and photographed them) worth $30
  • A custom painterly LUT (Colour Lookup Table)
  • Practice images (from the actual photo shoot)
  • A step by step PDF and online instructions to enhance your learning

Texture Pack Story Art Hand Painted Textures


This tutorial is available immediately for Monthly and Annual members. Coffee Club members will gain access after 1 month of membership.

In this tutorial I refer to two other tutorials:

 This Photoshop Tutorial includes CLOSED CAPTIONS

NB: Captions will be available from Oct 27

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Karen Alsop

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  • Regarding your painterly effect

    Hi Karen, in step 1 you said you painted over the background with a soft brush to give the base a flatter finish; did you use a white brush and what blend mode? Thanks.

    • Hi Deborah,

      I didn’t use a blending mode. The colour I used was accessed from the image using “alt” to pick up the tones from the image. I then painted over the image with the same colours that were in the background. I had the flow on about 20% so I could build it up (so the solid colour is slightly see through) It’s essentially the same method I demonstrate when painting on the jug and shirt.

      I hope that helps

      • I believe so Melissa. Photoshop did remove the oil paint filter with one of their updates, and then brought it back again. But as long as you have the oil paint filter, everything else should work as well.